Zoe Sparks is an all-ages comic written and illustrated by Chris Jones. The current story, Stuffie Rescue Squad, is intended as a self contained book, with the potential for a series of stories telling of extraordinary moments in Zoe’s daily life; such as her first school bus ride, adventures at school, and many more.

This story is inspired by my children. Recently our contact has become limited, and this comic has helped fill the time I would have spent with them. It is about them and for them, and I hope they will enjoy reading it in the future.


Story Synopsis

For 9 year old Zoe Sparks, life is full of challenges. Especially when Zoe’s younger brother, the wild and unpredictable Phoenix, crashes her tea party and runs off with her favorite stuffie – Floppy!

Certain that Phoenix will destroy Floppy, Zoe will stop at nothing to get him back. But it won’t be easy.  She’ll need all of her creativity and determination, plus the combined efforts of her Stuffie Rescue Squad if she hopes to save Floppy before it’s too late!

October 1, 2014